Out for a MacAdUk.

Couldn’t resist using the rubber duck picture.

MacAd Uk (MacAd UK = Macaduk = Duck .. geddit?) (sigh, i’ll stick to my day job) is a new conference for Mac Sysadmins starting Feb 2016 in London. It’s run by our friends at Amsys, and there’s already a bunch of top notch speakers coming to it. People such as:

Rich Trouton, author of the massively popular blog “Der Flounder

Charles Edge, part of JAMF Software’s “Bushel” team, author of many books and krypted.com

Greg Neagle, of “Munki” fame and many other projects.

Pepjin Bruienne, python wizard of “BSDPy” fame. (Open source netboot).

and many others, too numerous to list. In fact the proper list is here: http://www.macad.uk/speakers/

And now you can add me to that list.


Quit laughing at the back! Save it for my talk!

I’m doing a not entirely serious talk on problem solving, community projects and how we can all help each other. It’s shaping up rather nicely although I’m running out of stupid stuff to keep things light. There will be tales of success, and tales of how I screwed the pooch. It’s worth it for that alone!

I hope to see many of you there!