The one question I get repeatedly asked is “where is your nickname from?” and my usual answer is “not going to tell you. see if you can guess”. That’s usually followed up with “and good luck googling it, it doesn’t show.”

I once went through 20+ pages of google results for “franton” and the correct answer never showed up. However knowing anything about me would allow you to find the answer rather more easily.

So far the only people to work it out are in order:

  1. Kate Russell. She guessed it from no clues on a live gaming stream I was part of in 2015. She was also first. Go Kate!
  2. Joel ‘mactroll’ Rennich. He has the “google-fu”.
  3. Kacper Priebe. I worked with him at one particular client. He also has the “google-fu”.

Now it’s time to come clean, and the answer isn’t nearly as exciting as you might think.


So I like sci-fi, particularly hard sci-fi and the clip above is from the BBC TV series “Blakes 7” and in particular the episode “Children of Auron”. Cloning in particular, has held a certain fascination for me and is one of the reasons why my first film “Mayfly” is all about the moral implications of cloning. You could say the original germ of that film came from the “Children of Auron” clip above.

That and I couldn’t find anyone else using the name. Anywhere. So (at the time) unique choice based on a rather obscure late 70’s/early 80’s sci-fi serial and a geeky interest in the moral implications of cloning humans.

Hopefully this will cut down the messages I get about it. It’s honestly less exciting than you thought right? 😉