MacAdUK Redux

(see what I did there?)

MacAd Uk (MacAd UK = Macaduk = Duck .. geddit?) (sigh, i’ll stick to my day job) (environmentally friendly joke … 100% recycled from last MacAdUk blog post) is a conference for Mac Sysadmins running for two days in Feb 2017 at the O2 in London. It’s run by our friends at Amsys, and there’s already a group of top notch speakers coming to it.

Last year I made a “not entirely serious” talk on problem solving, community projects and how we can all help each other. It was punctuated with lots of cat pictures and I’ve been told in no uncertain terms “no more!”. Plus tough crowd.

Besides, how do you fit cat pictures into the subject of macOS smart cards and 2FA authentication? (That’s my topic) You simply can’t. This talk will be an extension of my existing blog posts (part one and part two here) on smart cards. We’ll be dealing with some fairly complex topics so if you’re attending, stock up on the caffeine before coming in.

I hope to see many of you there!

(BTW is it wrong I’ve almost completed the slide deck already? 😀 )