JSS Config in a Box

Welcome to JSS Config in a Box!

This is my highly modified version of Jeffrey Compton’s JSSMigrator script, which you can find at this link here: http://github.com/igeekjsc/JSSAPIScripts Many thanks go to him for his work.

I liked what he had done, as I saw it demonstrated live at JNUC 2015. However there were elements to it’s functionality that I wasn’t happy with, mainly the manual nature of it’s operation plus what I felt was an awkward way of uploading afterwards.

The result is I’ve refactored his code to be smaller, more automatic and a little neater. The functionality is at least the same, but supports more of the API available in Jamf Pro v9.98. Having JSS VPP tokens migrate over was a nice surprise too!

There’s still improvements to come: for example you can only read from a single context JSS but upload to a multi context JSS. All suggestions and comments gratefully received.

Find it here at: https://github.com/franton/JSS-Config-In-A-Box